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What Would You Like to Learn & Awaken This Year?

Hello, this is Jeff. I started creating short, inspiring videos based on what I was learning from my dad and a long term study of A Course in Miracles, as well as profound personal experiences.

With some encouragement from close friends and requests to dive deeper, I feel it's time to create more in-depth videos and online workshops for those who are sincerely interested in shaking off blocks from our innate intelligence, talents, and connection in life.

Right now, I’m just gauging interest to see what topics or questions you’d like to see covered through upcoming videos and workshops.

So please check out the survey of ideas and a way to send your questions. Plus make sure to subscribe for updates on what gets created here.

A Few Workshop Ideas

Improving Relationships

My father always said, "Life is Relationship." How we relate with each other in our personal lives and the world around us is a true litmus-test of our understanding.

Overcome Conditioning

A deeper understanding of how we are conditioned by family, friends, and society. Plus how we can break free to connect with our own learning, thinking, and knowing.

Unraveling the Ego

Understanding what keeps the conditioned self in place and how we can allow for change, learning, and greater awareness.

How We See the World

A deep dive into how we see the world with my mentor, David Beaver, a VR inventor, cognitive researcher, and long time teacher of A Course in Miracles.

Overcome Attachments

An in-depth interview with Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of "The Five Levels of Attachment." Ruiz Jr. peels back the layers of attachment through ancient Toltec wisdom.

A Learning Mind

A workshop with Gurvinder Singh, a facilitator at the Valley School in Bangalore India, founded by acclaimed philosopher, J. Krishnamurti.

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