There’s A Natural Order of Love & Intelligence – Sardar Singh





There’s a Natural Order of Love & Intelligence – Sardar Singh

To uncover this natural order, we have to understand the human condition.

We learn how to perceive the world so differently that it often puts us at odds – completely missing this natural order of connection.

How we perceive determines the quality of our personal relationships as well as how we relate in society and the world.

By understanding our learned condition, we have a chance to step out and live from our innate connection with life.


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Suppose I meet a person who is really concerned with the existing human situation.

Why human beings are living the way they do.

Why there is so much conflict in human relationships.

Why there are wars, why there is so much division at every level of human relationships – at the political level and religious level.

What are the basic causes of this?

One can see in terms of relationships, they are not just based on love, affection and care.

It is based on our thinking.

Our thinking determines the type of relationship that we have with each other.

So, what role is thinking playing in human relationship?

The human society has formed differently than other societies of birds and other animals. They have this natural capability in which they function. And we find there is natural order.

Human beings have the additional factor, which is thinking. They use their thinking to create the society – the kind of society in which we live.

So we find that the individual and the society, how they are related to each other…

The child from the very beginning when he is born, he is being influenced by the society in which he lives – by the culture in which he lives.

First of all, it is the parents who bring up the child- how the child has been tutored, how he has been educated.

Because of this influence and conditioning, his perception is not natural perception. It is based on the way this conditioning.

This pre-existing condition includes all the influences, ideas, opinions, beliefs that he has formed.

So he always looks through this screen of those ideas, opinions and beliefs.

Now this starts the perception. He cannot see things as they actually are.

This factor needs to be looked at very carefully, because if he looks at things in a certain way, he responds to the situation in that way. In whatever way he looks.

And we find that people look at things differently, because of their prejudices, opinions and ideas. They look at the same thing differently.

Actually they are looking at the same thing, but they are looking at it differently because of the pre-existing condition – the way their mind has been shaped.

The perception becomes an important factor that determines the quality of our relationship.

The very factor that we see things differently – each person feels himself to be different from the other.

Are we really different from each other fundamentally? Basically?

So the question before us is to find out for ourselves, is it possible for the human being to function without the burden of past influences and beliefs and ideas and opinions. To function in such a way that there is love, care and affection in human relationships.

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This rare video of Sardar Singh is a good intro to his life’s work and teachings.

Sardar Singh passed away recently on April 10th, 2016. We’re continuing to collect his work and insights here on

Mr. Singh had a gift to bring the spiritual into very practical terms. Nothing said is esoteric. In fact he cautioned against trying to explain the unknown through concepts or blindly following dogmas, rituals, or intermediaries. Instead his mission was clearing the mind in order to learn, discover, and live from innate connection – first hand.

He shared his insights through numerous articles, poetry, dialogues, and through personal connection.

For more of his work, stay tuned here and check out…

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