Implicit Bias, Prejudice, & Diversity – A TED Talk Canceled by TEDx Raleigh 2016





This talk about implicit bias, prejudice, and diversity got canceled from TEDxRaleigh 2016.

After initially being selected, this talk was pulled quite abruptly from a regional TED event in Raleigh, North Carolina, by a committee noticeably divided on the matter.

But then a few in a committee are not allowing the public to decide what makes sense for them.

The talk illustrates how we all learn and live through bias – but how we can better connect through understanding our diversity.

Even though the talk was pulled from the TEDxRaleigh event, it is such an important “idea worth spreading” for understanding the divisive times we’re navigating in the world.

– For a time when we have such prejudicial statements coming through our election campaign.

– For a time when racial profiling is coming into scrutiny through the Black Lives Matter movement.

– As we’re facing an immigration crisis and a globalized economy – where different cultures need to figure out how to work together.

Interestingly, just weeks after this talk was canceled, Raleigh North Carolina entered national headlines by passing House Bill 2 – for which the federal justice department filed a civil rights law suit.

HB2, also known as the ‘NC bathroom law’ is an archaic bill against the LGBT community and actually all discrimination cases. Passed under the guise of religious bias, the law has been compared to Jim Crow laws of segregation.

It is ironic that a talk about prejudice and diversity was canceled when this is such a focus of discussion in our local communities, in our nations, and around the world.

Perhaps this talk was canceled to play it safe and avoid controversial discussion.

But aren’t TED talks about spreading different ideas and different ways of looking at the world around us?

For now, just see how this video resonates with you.

And please share it, as it may resonate with others at this time.

Even though this talk didn’t get the TED platform yet, we in the blog and social media age can certainly share this message.

After all, it’s not the only case of a banned TED talk which challenged existing points of view.

On to the Next Round…

Who knows, maybe this is just practice for the next round and someone out here can nominate me through or another TEDx event.

Based on my work at this point, I have a few talks in mind…

  • ‘The Limits of Knowledge’
  • ‘We Learn How to See the World’
  • ‘The Neuroscience of Prejudice’
  • ‘Empirical Evidence of Connectedness’
  • ‘Global Perspective from an Astronauts’ World View’

Or maybe I’ll just have to record and publish them however possible.

Hope you’ll join us through, where at least some of those talks can come together.


– Jeff –


PS: the talk was based on this 5 minute video which you may like: World View – Inspiring Global Perspective

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