TrumpNowWhat? How to Heal a Divided America

3 Ways to Heal a Divided Trump America


. Ever since Trump won a divisive presidential election, the battle lines are being drawn through cabinet selections, protests, the media and internet. No matter where we turn, on our TVs, social media, and conversations, we are surrounded by political rhetoric. How are we going to survive with our sanity to work together again and make progress […]

Martin Luther King Jr MLK Quotes I Have a Dream

Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to Inspire Change Beyond MLK Day


. Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to inspire personal, social, and global change. These quotes demonstrate the power of personal transformation to meet challenges. MLK faced adversities with a deep understanding about the power of love underlying all of us. Something we can all do today to make profound change. Share this to inspire others. . Solidarity . “I […]

Powerful Quotes for Peace and Solidarity Found in Major Religions


. Quotes for peace and solidarity from major religious texts in Christianity, Islam, & Judaism. Share this to inspire family, friends, and the world. . Well it seems the radicalized and fundamentalists have terrorized nations and peoples this year as they’ve been doing for centuries actually. All the while they’ve hijacked religions to fit their agendas. It’s interesting that […]

Thankful for Being Alive - A Key to Happiness

Gratitude for Life – A Key to Happiness


Most cultures have occasions to consider gratitude – what we’re grateful and thankful for. In the States, we have Thanksgiving & Christmas to think of something when asked, ‘so, what are you grateful for?’ Even though we may have a year of dramas, issues, and complaints, at least we have a day to reflect. We consider our […]

Dalai Lama - Paris & Syria - A Human Problem

Dalai Lama on Paris & Syria – A Message for Peace


After terrorist attacks that shook Paris, The Dalai Lama had some crucial things to say about the situation, saying not just to Pray for Paris, but work for peace. In a recent interview, he told Deutsche Welle, a German broadcasting company… “We cannot solve this problem only through prayers. I am a Buddhist and I […]

What Color is This Dress

The Dress Explained

Articles Perception

It was the dress meme that broke the internet and shook our assumptions of “what is even real anymore!?” What’s most interesting is what this mystery reveals about the nature of our perceptions and subjective reality. The dress debate started with a Tumblr post of a two-toned dress with the caption: “Guys please help me, is this dress white and gold, […]

Blazing Movement of Understanding

Blazing Movement of Understanding

Articles Insight

The news shows us so many terrible things happening in our world. There is enormous confusion, war, terrorism and endless division caused by nations and organized religions driven by their own agendas. There are divisions within nations due to power struggles between political parties. There are divisions within the same religious groups due to differences in beliefs, ideas, and […]

Natural Existence

Man vs. Lizard

Articles Insight

A Lizard ran out on a rock and looked up, listening no doubt, to the sounding of spheres. And what a dandy fellow! The right toss of chin for you and swirl of a tail. If men were as much men as lizards are lizards They’d be worth looking at. ~ D.H. Lawrence   Men can […]